Sunday, February 1, 2009


Some updates on the two bows. Much to my pleasure I heard bass legend William Parker using two bows in one hand at the Udine Jazz festival last year. He positioned both of them above the strings straddling the bridge, one on each side, which created some haunting double stops. Great!

A cellist in Colorado who goes by her Yoga name of Gayatri is also trying out two bows after seeing me use them in Chicago. At that concert for the Renaissance Society (University of Chicago) Mark Dresser and Lou Mallozi, and I joined forces to form a trio of bass, turntables and cellos. We're in email contact and I'm most interested in what she will do with it.

I met bassist Jiri Slavik last summer when I played a concert in Salzburg and he's since been taking it up. We are communicating via email on how to best solve some of the techy problems- they are completely different on bass due to the verticality and wider span of the right hand on the bigger bridge (photo above of his hold) . Keep your ears open for Jiri, he's an event!