Friday, June 5, 2009

preserving the Scelsi Archives... first round

When working with Giacinto Scelsi I saw that the original improvisation tapes of were in danger of physical disintegration due to age, heat and humidity. After he died, the Fondazione Isabella Scelsi asked me to assist in the first round of preservation to digital format. Why me? I lived in his sister's apartment on the first floor (Giacinto in his famous apartment on the 4th floor) while rehearsing and assisting him to gather, organize, and edit his manuscripts for original publication with Schirmer. And as someone who'd listened to many of the ondiola tapes with Giacinto,  the infant Foundation thought I should also be the one to do the first backup from analogue to digital format. It is now being retransferred by professional archivists and will be made available for listening. 
The article in the Foundation magazine on my preliminary work appears here in Italian. I'll search for an English translation.